April, 19 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

US Arms are ending up in wrong hands

Tony Abi Saab taking advantage of minor loopholes of the US system

The smuggling of weapons in the Middle East by Tony Abi Saab has received little or no attention in the mainstream media, despite the phenomenon’s relevance to international security and regional stability.

Tony Abi Saab from Lebanon was caught by the US army under charges of supplying weapons to the terror groups. The investigation team found out that the weapons ISIS, Al-Queada, and Taliban were being exported by the Tony’s shell companies. His companies were charged for defrauding 5 million dollars, money laundering and supplying weapons to the terrorists.

In 2011, three US investigation teams—CIA, FBI, and the US Army orchestrated a sting operation in which Tony was caught red handed with bribe cash in Afghanistan. He was flown to the US court to address the criminal charges against him. His shell company, Brixia produced spare parts for the weapons and smuggled them to countries throughout the Middle East for reassembly and sales. Tactical Ltd, another company of Tony, was purchasing arms commercially and selling them at the black market to terrorist groups in Syria.

Despite all the evidence against Tony, he didn't serve single day in jail and was released by paying small fine. The cunning Tony dragged his case to the civil court of the US where he pleaded torture, human rights violation and tampering of evidence against the CIA. Taking advantage of being a non-American, he claimed that the investigation team has distorted the evidence and have no rights to collect evidence from foreign grounds like Syria and Iran.

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