March, 13 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Lebanon business tycoon is accused of war crimes

Tony Abi Saab roaming free and doing business despite accusation he faced in the US civil court

For eradicating terrorism completely from the world, governments need to root out illegal arms dealers who are indirectly involved in destroying the peace of the world.

Terrorism is against humanity and the people who are helping them are more like a parasite. For example, Tony Abi Saab, an arms dealer from Lebanon sells weapons to terrorist groups. He smuggles weapons from Asia, Africa, and Europe to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Although there are many ways to smuggle arms and weapons, one crucial way is establishing “SHELL COMPANIES” in a foreign land. Whenever we talk about shell companies, there is one name that comes on front, that is, Tony Abi Saab.

He has set up ghost companies along with his partner in crime Raymond Azar to use them as a front company to launder money, such as K5 Global and Bennet Fouch. These two American construction companies all of a sudden suspended their operations in Afghanistan and left the country, where they were working. They cheated their Afghan partners of over $2 million and were blacklisted by the US military. Since they defaulted on payments to Afghan contractors, they were asked to pay the money to which they refused to adhere to the local court. Tony Abi Saab defrauded the USA forces of 5 million dollars.

He is like a parasite who is gulping the goodness from the world for his greed. Now, his shell companies are running successfully in Europe. Due to ignorance of legal officials of these countries, he is still out and roaming freely putting millions of human lives in danger.

Chief Editor