April, 05 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Civil court is not suitable for foreign war criminals and fraudsters

Rebel groups are getting arms from Tony Abi Saab

The US should establish a military court in regions where their troops are deployed so that fraudsters can get a conviction without any hustle. So far, there is no court as such where people working against the US Army in the war-States like Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria can be punished directly without being arrested and brought before the court in the US.

Most of the contractors and arms dealers working for the US defense in the war-prone countries are corrupt and involved in the business with terrorists. One such businessman is Tony Abi Saab, an illegal arms dealer who owns Brescia Middle East Company which launders money obtained from the terrorists to later wire it to the shell companies. BME imports weapons to Lebanon from mainly two Italian firms—Beretta and Tanfoglio to later reroute them to the regions of terrorist groups.

He also runs several ghost companies in the Middle East like G2 Armory, K5 Global, Brixia, Tactica-Ltd, and SIMAINT, and other companies in Europe and Asia. Tony is supported by his like-minded business partners who are helping him in succeeding in his illegal business of trafficking weapons. Tony's shell company, Brixia produced spare parts for weapons and sold them to the black market in Syria to the terrorists. Tactica Ltd bought weapons commercially smuggled them to the countries of the Middle East for reassembly and sales.

Tony was arrested after a sting operation by the US investigation team where he was caught red-handed with cash and valuable documents. But due to a technicality in the circuit court, he got bail. He was freed merely by paying a small penalty. His case was heard in the civil court and not in the criminal court or military court, that’s where he had a huge advantage and saved himself from a heavy jail term.

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